Who we are

Savvy Scripts Publishing is a brand-spanking new Independent Publishing Company, based in Mackay, Queensland. Our passion is helping people to get their stories out of their heads and into a book!


Our focus is on creating high-quality non-fiction books – specifically trade, business, self-help, memoirs and poetry. Why only non-fiction? Well, our team is experienced in helping businesses and entrepreneurs to tell their story, whether it’s on paper, online, in the media or more. That’s where our knowledge, experience and passion is, and by sticking to this, we’re able to offer you exceptional services and assistance.

Having said that, some of our services also cross over into fiction, such as editing, layout, design and some of our digital services – just ask us if you’re not sure.

Who we are NOT

Savvy Scripts Publishing is NOT a vanity publishing house. We offer services for those seeking to self-publish books, however we do not offer service-packages or publishing packages with a minimum spend or minimum book print order.  (We will never tell or force you to print 1000 copies of your book upfront. If you want to print 1 book, go for it!) We do not have any paid affiliates with printers or distribution companies, and therefore will offer solutions that are in your best interests.

We do not hold any exclusivity or copyright over your books – if a traditional publisher picks up your book, that’s amazing! Go for it!

If you are self-publishing your books, we definitely do not take any commissions from the books you create through us. If you would like to look at co-publishing (which is a whole other ball game and does include commissions from sales), let’s have a chat.

Meet our Creative Team

Miki – “The Boss”

Miki Isaac-Boyd is the owner and founder of Savvy Scripts Publishing. Not only does she help writers and artists to tell their stories, Miki is also a copywriter, writer, professional speaker, digital content producer, radio announcer, poet and lyricist. She is a terrible illustrator and singer and so get’s other people to do those parts.

Before opening Savvy Scripts Publishing, Miki wrote for companies all around the world, connecting the soul of their business to the heart of the customer. Yep, she was sort of a wordy match-maker.

“I have spent my career, helping businesses to tell their story. I’m thrilled and proud to be able to help people to now get their stories out of their heads, and into their very own books.”

In her “spare time” (lol), Miki enjoys spending time exploring the world with her two well-behaved children and mildly-behaved partner.


Brittney – Digital Designer

Brittney Murakami is our digital designer fo Savvy Scripts Publishing. 

Before starting at Savvy Scripts Publishing, Brittney was a freelance digital designer and photographer, using her artistic skills to bring client dreams to life. 

“I push myself with each and every project. My goal is to be able to develop a creative image for each and every author, their words are my digital inspiration!”

In her downtime Brittney is a digital artist and gamer; creating new works and assets daily.

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