A picture tells a thousand words, but it’s still only part of the story.

At Savvy Scripts, we know that there are so many important moments in our lives that aren’t captured on camera, they’re stored only in our memory. But when our life draws to a close and we leave this world, those memories are lost – the stories of your childhood and what the world was like when you were growing up… all the memories of your loves, your dreams and accomplishments, your hobbies, your life and everything in between – all of them gone..

We believe that your experiences, your memories and your life lessons, are a gift for the future, and are worth preserving.

Our Heirloom Memoirs and Biographies are more than a book of photographs; they’re the collection of your memories and stories – the good and bad, love and loss, hope and accomplishment.

We are dedicated to creating a gorgeous book of your life, to be cherished and handed down through your future generations.

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