Why memoir writing isn’t just for celebrities

Everyone has a story to tell.

You don’t necessarily have to be famous to have a story that will interest potential readers, even if they’re just your future great-grandkids.

Writing your memoirs is a way you can leave a piece of yourself behind. Family tree research these days is very popular. People get very excited when they find old photos or snippets of information about their ancestors.

Imagine if you came across a book about the life of one of your ancestors. Of course you’d read it!  Your future ancestors will no doubt feel the same way.

Our memories are precious. Preserving them by writing your memoirs ensures they won’t be forgotten.

They’re not the only benefits. Writing your memoirs can also be great for your mental health. It forces you to think about important events in your life. It can help you to put things into perspective and understand how your collective life experiences have shaped the person you are today.

And you never know, your story might also help one of your readers with their own lives, especially if you’ve overcome challenges in your own life.

How to write your memoirs

There are a few basic ways that you can go about writing your memoirs, including:

1) chronologically telling your life story.

2) focusing on a key event (or events) in your life.

3) by themes (for example: family, friends, achievements, etc).

Once you’ve made that structural decision, you can draw up a rough list of chapter topics to give yourself a roadmap to follow. Try jotting dot points of ideas down under each chapter heading. Then you can start writing!

When you write, the main thing is to be yourself. Be honest and take a story-telling approach. Imagine you were telling people you know (or even people you’ve just met or are yet to meet) about pivotal experiences in your life that have had an impact on you, whether they’ve been positive or negative.

It’s important to also think about what you’d like your readers to get out of your memoirs. Even though your memoirs are about you, you’ll impact your readers more if your story entertains, inspires or educates them.

Should you get your memoirs published?


Self-publishing is a viable option these days for anyone. It might be worthwhile though to use the services of a small publishing house. Big publishing houses won’t be interested in your memoirs unless you’re already famous, but a small publishing house will be and they can provide all of the same services, including:

  • a thorough editorial review (to help your story flow and ensure it doesn’t contain grammatical, punctuation, spelling or typo issues), and
  • turning your memoirs into a producing a professionally presented print book, e-book, or both.

Both of these services will help to ensure that your memoirs do justice to your unique story. That’s incredibly worthwhile for something that will inevitably become  your lasting legacy.

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