Writing for Catharsis

Catharsis is a Greek word meaning ‘to cleanse or purge’.

Writing can be very cathartic. In other words, it can be very therapeutic. It can help you to get your feelings off your chest. Writing can also help you to find meaning in your own life by looking back at what’s happened and discovering or releasing your emotions.

Cathartic writing is a great form of self-expression. If you’re planning on writing about your own experiences or your own life story, it’s important to write with emotion. That will help you to write content that connects with your readers.


5 Tips to Help you Write Cathartically

 1. Be Honest with Yourself – This can take courage, but it’s crucial. You’ll only benefit from cathartic writing if you’re prepared to be totally honest with yourself and to write about what you truly think and feel. Being honest with yourself will also help you to understand why you think and feel the way you do about certain things. When you understand that, you’ll be able to explain yourself better in your writing.

2. Write About the Things you Care Most About – This is a no-brainer. These will be the things or experiences in your life that you’re most passionate about. Writing about these topics will be more natural for you, even if they perhaps bring some uncomfortable emotions to the surface. If they do, it’s important that you remember the importance of Tip 1 – being honest with yourself. 

3. Look at old Photos or Home Videos – This is a great way to stir your emotions. You might rediscover long-forgotten experiences that really resonate with you at different times of your life. These can be a great source of inspiration and ideas for things to write about. You might also find yourself looking at family members or friends who are no longer around or who you’ve lost touch with. That can provide the catalyst for you to unlock your feelings so you can write as authentically as possible. It’s important to remember that you might think or feel differently about certain people or events with the benefit of hindsight. Life is a journey and our thoughts and feelings often change over time. It’s okay to write about that, because it shows you’re human. 

 4. Relax and Find a Comfortable Place to Write – you’ll find you’ll write more naturally when you’re relaxed and comfortable. Find a peaceful spot to write and just let your words flow. You can always go back and refine or edit them later. The important thing when writing for catharsis is to capture your raw feelings and emotions. Don’t filter yourself.

 5. Start a Daily Journal – Many people find writing in a daily journal to be very cathartic. It can be a great way to get into the regular habit of writing to avoid repressing your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Again, you can refine or organise the content later if you’re planning on publishing it.

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