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Our Story

In 2015 I was asked to ghostwrite an autobiography for a well-known Australian businessman.

He had an incredible life story (honestly, Hollywood worthy), and the whole book took two years to complete. Writing the autobiography was a huge, complex process, but I loved every minute of it.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond either of our controls, the book was never published. It seemed as though all was lost… until I realised that writing his book was a huge, cathartic weight off his shoulders. Whether the public read it or not, his life was now written down, and preserved on a page. His book was a gift of truth and courage for his family… and that was beautifully powerful.  

I decided to offer my services to people who just wanted their books written, not for bookstores, but for themselves, and for their children and grandchildren.

My second memoir client held her finished book in her hands and said, “now I don’t need to carry this all in my head, it’s all here.” The process helped her to realise how much she had done in her life, and I was like, “YES, what an empowering moment for you!!!!!”

A few years passed, and I kept writing for clients, but in all honestly, it was taking me a long time. These are big projects, and they require a lot of manual hard work.

Hard work pays off though! In 2015 it was just me, trying to do everything (I was exhausting). Last year I was able to hire a Graphic Designer, and now this week, two new passionate writers have joined the team, allowing us to write more books, better and faster!

The 2020 COVID lockdown gave me the courage to bring my business into the digital world, using Zoom and CRM’s platforms so that I could create books online. I have been able to open up my business to work with clients around the world; as long as you have a good internet connection and a microphone, we can help you tell your story for future generations.

That’s the Savvy Scripts story… now it’s your turn to tell yours!

Savvy Scripts Publishing

Savvy Scripts Publishing Pty Ltd is an Independent Publishing Company, based in Mackay, Queensland.

Our passion is in creating beautiful, exceptionally high-quality, bespoke books.

Savvy Scripts Publishing is not a vanity press. We don’t own your content, nor do we hold you hostage to the printing of your book.

You own ALL all of the copyright for your book. This is very important in distinguishing us from other memoir/publishing companies.

We don’t have a publishing minimum, if you just want to print one book, that’s perfect. In order to help limit our Carbon Footprint, we aim to work with printing companies that are closest to you – no matter where you are in the world. 

For full disclosure, we keep a printed copy of your final book for our records, but we will never distribute or share your story with anyone. Not even if they ask really nicely.