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Our Team

Right now we are building a team of writers, interviewers and editors to help us grow our business and reach more people throughout the world. If you are keen to join Savvy Scripts Publishing, please contact us today!


Founder of Savvy Scripts Publishing


Not only does Miki help you to tell your story, she is also a copywriter, writer, professional speaker, digital content producer, former breakfast radio announcer, poet and lyricist. She is a terrible singer but that never stops her.

“I have spent my life, helping people and businesses to tell their story to thousands of people. I love that I can now just produce books designed to be read by only a few.”

In her “spare time” (lol), Miki enjoys re-watching Harry Potter films and spending time with her two well-behaved children and mildly-behaved partner.


Digital Designer Extraordinaire


Before starting at Savvy Scripts Publishing, Brittney was a freelance digital designer and photographer, using her artistic skills to bring her client’s dreams to life.

“I push myself with each and every project. My passion is developing tailored, unique layouts and designs – your words are my digital inspiration!”

In her downtime, Brittney is a digital artist and game developer; creating new works and assets daily.